Jim Ross

Businessman. Lawyer. Family Man. Advocate for all.

Jim Ross has spent decades serving his community and his country.  As a proud resident of Arlington for nearly forty (40) years he has witnessed the growth, and growing pains, this community has endured.  Under the guidance of Mayor Jeff Williams, Arlington has seen a huge boost in jobs and tourism, been able to keep the Texas Rangers, grown the I-20 corridor, and was selected as the home of the National Medal of Honor museum.

Now, as Mayor Williams approaches the end of his last term in office, the big question is, “Where do we go from here?”  The answer is simple, FORWARD!   We cannot allow this City to lose the momentum it has development over the last several years.  As a Marine, Police Officer, attorney and businessman, Jim is accustomed to dealing with adverse situations, and continuing the Williams legacy in the midst of this pandemic is just about as adverse as it comes. 

From 1979 to 1983, Jim served this country as a United States Marine. With assignments at home and abroad, Jim served the Marines in numerous capacities.  Having received his Honorable Discharge in 1983, Jim moved to Texas where he was soon hired by the Arlington Police Department.  During his thirteen (13) career as a Police Officer, Jim was a member of Arlington’s first full time Special Operations Unit (SWAT), taught self-defense and physical fitness at the police academy and spent over six (6) years investigating illegal narcotics trafficking, both locally and with the Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force.  His commendations and accomplishments as a Marine and police officer are numerous.

In 1996, Jim decided to make a career change and go to law school.  He completed law school in twenty-eight (28) months, studied and passed the State of Texas Bar Exam on his first attempt and was licensed as an attorney in May 1999.  During his first ten (10) years of practice Jim represented thousands of clients while working environmental exposure cases for some of the country’s most prestigious law firms. In 2009, Jim left the larger firms to pursue private practice.

Jim through the years

Initially, Jim was a one-man shop.  He answered the phones, did his own typing, and took out the trash.  The Jim Ross Law Group, P.C. has grown and experienced some tremendous success.  Now with offices in Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth the Firm has nearly a dozen lawyers and a staff of over thirty (30) employees.  

In November 2017, Jim opened the Mercury Chophouse – Arlington (MCA) which rapidly became Arlington’s premier fine dining steakhouse.  While the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly hit all area restaurants hard, the MCA has survived and continues to thrive.  Recently, MCA was the first, and only, restaurant in the entire State of Texas to receive a STAR Accreditation by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council.

As an active and proud member of Arlington, Jim has served on the board of directors for the Arlington Police Foundation, the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce, the Margarita Society, Special Olympics, and the American Heart Association.

More than a passionate lawyer, businessman, and advocate for all, Jim is a family man with four children and five grandchildren.  He brings his experience as a caring Father and Papaw to his businesses and the community.

So, if you’re looking for a dedicated warrior of perseverance and hard worker who can stand up for the people of Arlington and continue to make the City of Arlington standout, then Jim is your man.

He has served our country.  He has served our community.  Isn’t it time he serves the residents of Arlington as Mayor?