Doing Business in Arlington

It is important that entrepreneurs, developers, and businessman find Arlington a great place to do business.  As an entrepreneur himself, Jim knows firsthand this is not always an easy process.  Good relationships between the business community and the City is a must.   Streamlining the permitting process and making Arlington a place that encourages new business development is essential.



Promote Quality Education & Career Development

A strong and competitive Arlington workforce starts with a solid base of quality education. On any given day Arlington has more than 100,000 students in our public schools, private schools and upper education facilities.  Our business community and educational leaders must work together towards nurturing a relationship which fosters career development and creating an environment of lifelong learning



Expanding Transportation & Mitigating Traffic Congestion

With over 17,000,000 visitors a year to our entertainment district and a ever growing population, Arlington continues to struggle with traffic congestion and parking issues.   We must continue to be forward thinking regarding the mobility of our residents and those who visit this great city. We must continue to explore safe, convenient, and cost-effective alternatives which connects our businesses to our residents and other communities in the D/FW metroplex.



Public Health & Safety

As a former Arlington Police Officer, Jim knows firsthand what it is like to work the streets of Arlington.  He understands the importance of balance between keeping our community safe and healthy and taking care of those emergency service workers who take such great care of us.  As a survivor of COVID-19 and a businessman, Jim is keenly aware of the dangers associated with this pandemic both personally and professionally.



Reducing Our Tax Burden

Proper management of City monies is essential in keeping our tax burden down.  This means finding the inefficiencies within the City and making every tax dollar count.